hatakama inakataa kupublish… kweli EXPERIENCE ni mzuri

I thot at some point we all know how 2 shuka from a moving mat pretty safely, or atleast wen its moving slowly.. wat I saw the other day eh eh eh!

This iz wat happened:

Now am heading 2town from jobo, tired and all so I end up in a mkate, u know, thoz ma3z with kichwa and mwili separate… (I know y’al v gon lyk WAAAT .. chil chil) ma3z were scarce, adding with our Kenyan traffic jam and twaz getting kynda late so I had 2 fika tao by any means.. (u c, I knew you’d understand..)

So we’re moving mdogo mdogo thru’ jam and we fika Stadii and poeple are shukaing with jam.. ofcos Ujo anaday-dream, not bothered with the happenings…

samwea in my mind I see this chic shikiliaing the bars of the mlango as if her life depended on them.. Ah! now something interesting, so it gets my 100% attention.. am watching.. watching.. Now the mat is moving seriously slow and people hve been shukaing, its now her turn.. The dere ongezas speed kidogo but stil she culdav shukad.. The Konda is waiting outside, he notices she won’t shuka easily…. ma3 is stil moving mdogo… jam has opened up… motiz are now gearing up to go through roundabout… Konda iz not going to let dere down… spilt second…

WWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAiiiiiiiii waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai!!!!!!!!!!!

The scream slices the air and my ears pamoja… She’z frantically pulling at the air while trying to step down nje. Problem is she wants to shuka while facing mbele towards kando ya barabara and obviously that aint going to happen as far as Physics is concerned.. The konda decides to ‘stabilize’ her, he grabs her shoulders while he’z still clinging to the door of the mat thats moving faster… he does a pretty good job coz she didn’t fall.

As soon as she’z down,she ‘chomokaz teke, no-one else saw wea she went!’ We all give a sigh of relief. Now is wen guyz in the mat start laughing.. The truth is I feared she’d fall and that waznt going to be such a good sight.

And ati I thot we all knew how 2 shuka wen mat is moving? kweli, kuishi kwingi, kuona mengi. After me started giong to skul alone with my bro in Class 5, till leo, am shua I cant fall from a moving mat. I’ve never been the risky type to attempt shukaing at full speed lyk my peers, buta slow moving mat shually il never fall. Never!

( for ya’l hu dunno for a reason or another, …I understand) .. this is how we be doing: To alight from a moving ma3, u have to be facing mbele, where the mathree is going. Start with your left foot kwanza and shuka lyk you were running facing infront. Don’t doubt you step, there are no 2nd chances. Just go, but make shua you run mbele, so that you move with the same momentum with the mat, which will otherwise make you fall. And experience is the best teacher at the end of the day!!!

mbarikiwe mkipractice he he. You’l be hearing more from me. til then au revoir!


~ by ujo on 2 December, 2008.

11 Responses to “hatakama inakataa kupublish… kweli EXPERIENCE ni mzuri”

  1. Thats a scary situation for a chik. One should never attempt that stunt if you aint up to it. You might get ya hide sets hurt and end up very embarrassed. People will still laugh at you hurt or not hurt. Its not pretty. Usidodoke hiyo design

  2. and i thought i wud score these socks anyways, this a a chillingly hilarious story. chilling coz gets you wondering, what if….

  3. mmmmh. Ladies, especially in heels and skirts / dresses should never attempt this. Just wait for the mat to stop kabisa…

  4. The wat if.. smthng bad cudav happend. But then, wat waz she thinking? I think she waz straight from ocha

  5. Walalala! What was she thinking? That’s a stunt I’d NEVER pull. What!

  6. Life is for the living… nothing like seeing a gal try to do something extra ordinary. Am sure if you shuka whilst facing the opposite side wouldn’t quite make the Guinness Book coz some kondas must have done it before.

  7. omg…me i feel for the chic…lol…though it is funny….
    Hey Ujo..will definatly be back..xx…lol

  8. fresh read bro. this is as somebody said chillingly hilarious… hehehe ati mkate.. lol

  9. Hey Ujo, sd I say welcome? Well Welcome still.

    Interesting. Is this real? Me I’d not manage such stunts not even after 2 years in KY. She surely had her lucky charms that day.

  10. laughing out loud ma3z with kichwa and mwili separate. I remember them. And thanks for kumbusharing me how we used to talk.

  11. The dere. Now that is a classic short form for driver. Hmmm! I didn’t know it.

    We used to call kondas ‘manambas.’ Hence the saying ‘umeni ingilia kama manamba’ when someone poked their nose into your business.

    Interesting. Nita learn a lot from your blog.

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