‘ my heroes..’

Some thingz just make me happy! I don’t know if im crazy yet.. coz of the way I think,

…Like when a bunch of Somali village boys, straight from the shamba, decide that them now, they are done with hussling small-tym, chungaing cattle, nini-nini and …its TIME FOR CHANGE! …CHANGE THEY CAN BELIEVE IN! And they go, defying the whole world, and pirate some Titanic of a ship, Mugabe-style ( where the more ‘mwanaume’ you are, the more money you make!) Talk about “…the real warrior… real warrior… real warriah!

Or this time were in a dance competition and a pal o’ mine shouts ‘…PONYOKA NA PICKUP……!’ at the top of his voice, at this chick on stage who iz rapidly (and violently) shaking her dweegy (ass).Up to now i’ve never really understood what her dancing had to do with  Kuponyoka na pick-up …Guess evryone has their own *mad* moments.. ama vipi?

…And this other time I am walking inside  Muthurwa market jioni and I come across this guy guy selling teddy bears. He had so many on display, that there waz one he had hung by its ear… reminded me of thoz kuchunwa maskio dayz of  nusery school kidz that we did. I dunno if that waz a PR strategy or just marketing, but me thinks stuff like this is what makes the genius to be given that title. (with better re-invention and packaging ofcos!) Funny coz I seemed to be the only one who noticed… Typical Kenyans.. alwayz on the rush! Someone must have seen me laughing and labelled me *mad* but maybe I am… I need to be told when Im a bit over the edge…

And thats why everyone should read my blogs and keep me in line.. Still new here and trying to unedrstand all this computer/ internet jargon… how do i post a link, what are all these abbreviations? Am I supposed to cramm them? lyk the back o’ my hands? (which myt get them in my kichwa upsyd down naaaah. I think I’l pass) How do I know when  other bloggers have posted something new so I dont have to wander ovyo ovyo kama braa (that’s NONINI’s line, dont blame me) … and coming to think of it, what in God’s name do these terms; LMAO LMFAO LOL mean? How many of you know, anyway?

…Kwanza ana’a chick wrote that LMFAO!!! thing on my wall on facebook after I had chokozad her and I thot amenitukana. I never talked to her again… din’t know how to react. I thot it must be L little M atha F *** A something O something !!!     (Yeess,  she added exclamation marks… 3 in total. Now u see where I’m coming from?)

Lol! Ah! That one I know  like…that-one- for-2008… anyway, another pal chanuad’ me and told me its Laugh Out Loud! yeeaah.. Most o’ yo dint know that ha ha ha! So I aint so bad me-self he he!     Before the ‘comb’ I had come to 3 conclusions:

LOL: 1. comes from the word Wololo-lolo Mayeee! My Luo may be amature but I know that is exclamation, just like Ghai! or OMG or swahili Aiya-iya-iya-ya iya!

2. Lol! …like a lallipap.. Yep! borrowed from the Lil-Wayn himself,…high on weed.. anyway, that was theory 2.

3. Aaah! I’ve forgotten theory 3… SO, thats me and me challenges. All o’ yo Plzzz woiye add me name to your blogroll. Laterz!

..AND I tried to ‘re-construct’ that teddy, must av looked something like this… If I’ve exaggerated, my bad..!

...thats the closest to the teddy i could get Lol!

...thats the closest to the teddy i could get Lol!


~ by ujo on 5 December, 2008.

6 Responses to “‘ my heroes..’”


  2. you’ve lost me there sibbie

  3. Nice read. I couldn’t hack some of those abbreviations myself. I used to think WTF stood for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday! It took all of five years to learn it stood for Wanker, Twit, Fool!

  4. Only blogger can help you see who has put up a new post. In Uganda, we have http://www.nodesix.net/blogspirit which also helps us to know which blogren has put up something new.

  5. @ Our kid. . .ati WTF. . .Wedn, Thur n Friday! Lol! Means What The Fcuk!
    @Ujo. . . I meant Rolling On The Floor, Pissing On Myself, Laughing My Ass Off.

  6. @sibbie eh! so i gattalot 2 learn..
    @Our Kid ..what? Wanker, Twit, Fool? get serious!.. thatsa new 1 he he!

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