a new DAWN..!

When destiny comes calling, you dont put the call on hold! You dont let the phone ring for sometime before you pick the call! You dont leave your phone on silent mode! You never look back at what you may have to leave behind! You pick up yourself and, run to it as if your life depends on it (it does anyway).. You take that leap of faith into the unknown.. you risk it all for the sake of destiny, you let go! (freefall) and you make sure you enjoy every second of it. Savoir the moment. Its what ‘life’ is made of: RISK. Just like an eaglet has to be thrown outside the net by its loving mum inorder to learn to fly.. and if this does not take place it would then never experience life as an eagle does…

I have come to realise that destiny is calling me. Today, now! At this very moment. NO PROCRASTINATION, NO MORE LAXITY IN MY COMFORT ZONE, NO MORE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN, NO MORE TIME FOR OTHERS FIRST-UJO SECOND! I have to learn to be ruthless with my time and my mind. I have to do me first before others. I have to think on my own before I follow the majority. WHY? because its my destiny I chase after, and not of others, otherwise I may end up like every body else_ but my vision is different. My mission is clearly thought out and stated to me. I know what I want! Very many people will ask why I do what I want to do, and why I just dont conform to the norm like all the others before and after me, why I cant just fit into the system like everybody else.. They will never understand me. I am not everybody! I am Eugene. There is only one me in this world, my destiny in this short life is mine and mine alone, i cant share with anyone.. everyone has theirs to follow, but few ever get there!

Yes, I have my own VISION 2030, and I am soo going to achieve it. This is what seperates the greats form the all the others. The 5% that make history, to be remembered in time memorial,  in this world- they definately never fitted with the majority in terms of actions and thinking! They were their own men and women.

YES I CAN. and I will. I will have to learn to balance the art of nourishing the Body, Mind and Soul. I will reach Nirvana.I will get there.


~ by ujo on 9 January, 2009.

One Response to “a new DAWN..!”

  1. Wow. You are on something there… he he he. Way to go, lakini. I still prefer a little caution rather than throwing caution to the wind. But this is going to be interesting… and by interesting I mean it not in the Chinese way. I mean exciting not challenging.

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